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What is it like working with GoodCravings?

Simply put? Simple.

GoodCravings works harder so you don't have to. Here are some bullet points as to how working with us takes place and the ease of doing so.....

  • We provide a full functional freezer, with 9 baskets to fill with various flavors. 

    • Freezers are quite small and have weels for easy movement.​

    • Freezers are beautifully branded and lit.

  • We stock the freezer

  • We return after some time to restock, clean and maintain the freezer, including removing ice buildup.

  • We restock as needed

  • We utilize social media to promote your location having Fruitfull bars.

  • If for ANY reason the bars don't sell, we will buy them back and be on our way.

  • No Contracts. Cancel anytime. 

  • We work to help you sell bars - if you don't sell, we don't sell.

We provide customer service and product service to make you happy. 


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